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You NEED to See This Laptop

The Zephyrus G14 - GA401 Gaming Laptop looks amazing. 8 core. Super light. AMAZING performance. AMD Zen2. I think it'll be one of the best gaming laptops for 2020
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  1. Dave Lee

    Dave Lee

    8 mesi fa

    I think this is going to be one of the best selling gaming laptops for 2020 8-Core, 14 inch gaming laptop, 144 hz display coming in at 1.6 kg??? SO RIPE

    • Aryan Gill

      Aryan Gill

      Mese fa

      @Rezgen _ same bro

    • Rezgen _

      Rezgen _

      Mese fa

      Dave Lee Can I please have one.

    • Callum M

      Callum M

      2 mesi fa

      @WiiFlow2511 120hz

    • Aryan Gill

      Aryan Gill

      3 mesi fa

      i thought its a 120hz display ????????????????????????

    • Jeffrey Chan

      Jeffrey Chan

      3 mesi fa

      How is it compare to asus tuf a15



    Giorno fa

    he is playing candy crush in a expensive gaming laptop 3:25

  3. CKR 07

    CKR 07

    6 giorni fa

    Regardless of everything : which one is better out of A. Macbook Air B. Asus zephyrus G14

  4. Rohit Jangid

    Rohit Jangid

    9 giorni fa

    I gave a like just when I heard, "GET OVER HERE!!"

  5. Rizas Wulanggana

    Rizas Wulanggana

    16 giorni fa

    1:38 Wait whaatt?? How did you do that???? O.O

  6. Joshua Wells

    Joshua Wells

    20 giorni fa

    It’s too popular, it’s sold out all the time!!!

  7. Antonio Dejesus

    Antonio Dejesus

    20 giorni fa

    I just picked one of these up. 4900hs rtx 2060 16gb ddr3200 and 1 tb nvme ssd. I cant complain the thing is nice and what was even sweeter I got it at BestBuy as an open box with a bit of an added discount from the pc supervisor for $975 and even as an open box still came with a free pc copy of Valhalla. Best purchase of 2020 for me hands down.

  8. TechFave


    22 giorni fa

    Got that one

  9. Pine apple

    Pine apple

    24 giorni fa

    Get over here

  10. 9


    25 giorni fa

    My laptop budget is like $600 lol

  11. Soon Zhen Yang

    Soon Zhen Yang

    29 giorni fa

    Hey dave, should I pick this up for school and connect it to a monitor when gaming, or should I just get the Asus zephyrus m15?

  12. Moazzam Ali khan

    Moazzam Ali khan

    Mese fa

    i am not going to buy the laptop for the stupid rgb outside the laptop. common dave.

    • Manas Pradhan

      Manas Pradhan

      26 giorni fa

      It's not rgb

  13. Aligator nomnom

    Aligator nomnom

    Mese fa

    he pronounced gif wrong. Dislike

  14. Kacey


    Mese fa

    Simply cant live without the camera, like people that actually use them dont care that the quality is bad its just very useful when its needed.

  15. Boyse Evlas

    Boyse Evlas

    Mese fa

    I’m gonna buy this one. Great review.

  16. Sesnando Mejia

    Sesnando Mejia

    Mese fa

    How much

  17. Aminlal Basheer

    Aminlal Basheer

    Mese fa

    hey...the ryzen 6 variant would be a good choice? major uses...lightroom and intermediate video editing

  18. Shubh Thakkar

    Shubh Thakkar

    Mese fa

    5:31 Dave: I'm breaking with you. Girlfriend: Why? Dave:

  19. Sudha Singh

    Sudha Singh

    Mese fa

    2:46 who else noticed windows is not activated😂😂



    Mese fa


  21. Hafij Uddin Ahmed

    Hafij Uddin Ahmed

    Mese fa

    Intro from mobile legends bang bang? franko?

  22. money swag luigi

    money swag luigi

    Mese fa

    what if im blind

  23. Mattis Trost

    Mattis Trost

    2 mesi fa

    What is the extrernal camera used in the video (2:56) ? I've been told the zephyrus g14 does not come with one

  24. Guy


    2 mesi fa

    well, in my country it costs near 3000$. go and explain that

  25. Blastboys // Octave

    Blastboys // Octave

    2 mesi fa

    If it had th3, then baddaboom me want

  26. Ømar Sabeha

    Ømar Sabeha

    2 mesi fa

    I wish the white one didn’t exist

  27. Bruv Henrry

    Bruv Henrry

    2 mesi fa

    There can i buy it

  28. Sagnik Sarkar

    Sagnik Sarkar

    2 mesi fa

    *sees $1400 laptop* "Dont think it'll survive if i throw mud on it tho"

  29. Merple Purple

    Merple Purple

    2 mesi fa

    Black or white? Which would you choose

    • Shark Pond

      Shark Pond

      Mese fa

      white e z

  30. Alex Heath

    Alex Heath

    3 mesi fa

    Why does every minimalist gaming laptop aside from razer blade still have the horrible gamer style key caps. People just want normal letter fonts. You're chasing after the "macbook" look, dont compromise by having keys from a 2011 alienware.

  31. Aditya Bhangle

    Aditya Bhangle

    3 mesi fa

    isn't there a Ryzen 5, GTX 1650 variant? Without an AniMe matrix

  32. Everything Videos

    Everything Videos

    3 mesi fa

    That laptop is freaking ugly.

  33. Noiz


    3 mesi fa

    :((( want this shit SO bad

  34. Daniel


    3 mesi fa

    I returned it because the screen and keyboard back lighting are terrible.

  35. Abhishek Kumar

    Abhishek Kumar

    3 mesi fa

    Waiting to launch in india

  36. Francis Tapiador

    Francis Tapiador

    3 mesi fa

    Ricardo completely caught me off-guard

  37. Akash Chavan

    Akash Chavan

    3 mesi fa

    Where is its final review Dave?

  38. AppleTech2011


    3 mesi fa

    Just got mine today and its absolutely as you discussed - this is a strong laptop for its form factor.

  39. Shivam Shekhar

    Shivam Shekhar

    4 mesi fa

    I wanted a 15 inch version of this , but asus ruined the G15 with shit displays annd thermals

  40. Amresh Singh

    Amresh Singh

    4 mesi fa

    i ac see this laptop only