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ASUS Zephyrus G14 Gaming Laptop Review

Dave2D review on Asus ROG Zephyrus G14. The best gaming laptop from Asus with the new Ryzen 4800. The Zephryus ROG line just got a big boost from AMD.

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  1. Robert Jeffrey

    Robert Jeffrey

    19 ore fa

    These are currently $300 off at Best Buy, which puts the Ryzen 7 / GTX 1650 version at $800. I just ordered one, which should replace my iPad Pro, tiny chromebook, and giant old gaming laptop!

  2. Just Watching

    Just Watching

    Giorno fa

    Excuse me sir what advice you will give if i choose between zephyrus g14 ans the new 2020 helios 300. My concern in zephyrus is that it has no numpad and webcam while the helios has only 512gb ssd. I want to have easy program like AutoCAD but i want also to have latest processor. So what's your advice for me

    • Just Watching

      Just Watching

      Giorno fa

      And also I'm a gamer too. So both study and games. So im in the middle right now

  3. Daniel


    Giorno fa

    Should I buy the acer nitro 5 with rtx 2060 but crappy speakers and plastic build, or this zephyrus g14 with gtx 1650 with good speakers and build quality? (Price is the same in my country)

  4. Rushil Patel

    Rushil Patel

    2 giorni fa

    This or a acer predator....this is my struggle right now haha

  5. Fahadur Rahman

    Fahadur Rahman

    2 giorni fa

    Nice. #Product name : Best Gaming Leptop.. #Click on this link to buy : 💦Features & details: #9th Generation Intel Core i5-9300H Processor (Up to 4.1 GHz) #15" Full HD Widescreen IPS LED-backlit display | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Graphics with 4 GB of dedicated GDDR5 VRAM #8GB DDR4 2666MHz Memory | 256GB PCIe NVMe SSD (2 x PCIe M.2 slots - 1 slot open for easy upgrades) & 1 - Available hard drive bay #LAN: 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN (RJ-45 port) | Wireless: Intel Wireless Wi-Fi 6 AX200 802.11ax #Backlit keyboard | Acer CoolBoost technology with twin fans and dual exhaust ports #15.6" Full HD IPS Display Unleash your entertainment with the impressive 15.6" Full HD Widescreen IPS Display. #9th Gen Intel Core i5 Processor Dominate your gaming competition with an unleashed and uncompromised processor. With a killer combination of smart features, the 9th Gen Intel Core i5 processor is flexible and devastatingly powerful. #NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Graphics Powered by a GeForce GTX 1650 GPU, this laptop delivers fast, smooth gaming experiences you want, brought to life with the breakthrough graphics of the award-winning NVIDIA Turing architecture. #Bright Red Backlit Keyboard Power through the dark with the bright red backlit keyboard as it illuminates this device’s keyboard keys. #Custom-Engineered Cooling Dual fans with Acer Coolboost technology deliver heightened fan speeds and cooling ability. #Epic Audio From fighting that last victorious battle to catching every detail of your movie soundtrack Acer TrueHarmony and Waves MaxxAudio immerse you in pure sound. #Price : $728.00

  6. SamoScopom


    3 giorni fa

    What do you think about the 4600HS version?

  7. Debanjan Dutt

    Debanjan Dutt

    3 giorni fa

    what will happen if i choose to run the laptop with a single stick of ram for a while.

  8. Matthew


    3 giorni fa

    I wish they put a web cam on it

  9. Daniel


    3 giorni fa

    Which color do you like more?

  10. suprojit dey

    suprojit dey

    4 giorni fa

    Is there any way to add or remap the missing keyboard keys like Home/End, Pg Up/Pg Dn?

  11. Prajesh Ganesh

    Prajesh Ganesh

    4 giorni fa

    ez and understandable review, keep up the good work my man

  12. OldSkool


    5 giorni fa

    Hello 👋. Please help. Worth to buy this laptop with ryzen 4600 version and 8gb ram ? I’m not a big gamer but sometimes I like kill the time with them and I need a small and nice laptop. I don’t need powerful version of this. Or buy instead Lenovo legion 5 ( amd version) ?

  13. SourSdey Chan

    SourSdey Chan

    5 giorni fa

    i like that meme laptop gimme

  14. Shawn Lacue

    Shawn Lacue

    5 giorni fa

    How you gonna say the led display isn't necessary while showing Ricardo dancing😂😂

  15. • Extreme

    • Extreme

    5 giorni fa

    stop complaining about the webcam doods just attach a webcam

  16. Mehrab Kazi

    Mehrab Kazi

    8 giorni fa

    Zephyrus G14 vs Omen 15 2020?

  17. Weston Pettett

    Weston Pettett

    9 giorni fa

    I'm really interested in this device, due to both its performance and its size. My debate it whether or not I spend a grand on it or just build a pc that has better performance at a smaller cost. If I don't would it be a bad idea to buy a monitor and have a desk setup for it? If anyone has any insight that would be great. This is looking to be my first big purchase of the year :)

    • Purple


      Giorno fa

      Build a PC

  18. The Roosting roaster

    The Roosting roaster

    9 giorni fa

    Justifying my purchase xD

  19. Zachary


    9 giorni fa

    So why did this video end abruptly and unfinished?

  20. maher channel قناة ماهر

    maher channel قناة ماهر

    9 giorni fa

    Can you please explain why at 6:58 you say "because its an AMD chip, you have to be running 2 channels". Is it important to add another Ram card? Thank you for your informative videos. Marios

    • Rerin YL

      Rerin YL

      5 giorni fa

      Regardless of manufacturer, its always good to have dual channel memory. But in AMD's case, you get a lot more performance with having dual channel ram. Note, the RAM should also be at a high clock speed to get even more performance. Sometimes you get between 10-20% more performance over single channel. The technical reason is complicated. Just know that dual channel is better than single channel

    • George Fuller

      George Fuller

      9 giorni fa

      Its not important but its very worth while

  21. ETNx MEET


    9 giorni fa

    If someone can suggest me with a good advice for buying my laptop: PLEASE READ* -i am now a college student just had taken admission and my field is in IT,so it's wayy obvious that I need a laptop as I don't have one,so the thing is I researched a bit and I don't wanted an only normal laptop,try to understand me what i meant by normal laptop is that it shouldn't be just only for professional use,I mean as a first time buyer and a specs comparer I feel that in the same price I can get such a good gaming laptop with so many specs ...but that's the point where I got confused,well ...good damn specs with less battery life or average specs with amazing battery life ...I tried to find an option for considering both criterias and I founded the asus zephyrus g14,that ryzen 4600H version with GTX 1650 ti,and I came to know that it is good in both the ways every way as ing among purpose too as well as in battery life as zephyrus has way good battery life in comparison to any other gaming laptop,now the point I want to ask is should I go for it or not? I mean ..I consider as a great choice but can a gaming laptop be used in college,sorry if my statement felt like useless but I don't have much ideas so ....hope so someone can suggest me with a good advice though

  22. Siddharth Singh

    Siddharth Singh

    10 giorni fa

    Best laptop reviewer in the world❤️

  23. Grumpy Cat

    Grumpy Cat

    12 giorni fa

    Hey Dave, I was considering this laptop (Ryzen 7 + GTX1660Ti), should I buy it now or wait?

  24. JimmyNeutron7


    12 giorni fa


  25. JimmyNeutron7


    12 giorni fa


  26. JimmyNeutron7


    12 giorni fa


  27. Deserthi


    13 giorni fa

    Can you put a 32gig memory card in and and by any chance do you know which one to buy?

  28. Brandon DeFusco

    Brandon DeFusco

    13 giorni fa

    I have the 8GB Ram version running Ryzen 7 4800HS, with NVIDIA GTX 1650 4GB. Would upgrading to a 16GB or 32gb stick be a good idea? I do a lot editing on Adobes creative cloud programs and do some light gaming on the side. Would appreciate any responses thanks!!!

  29. Adam Oroszvari

    Adam Oroszvari

    14 giorni fa

    Dear Dave, I am thinking about buying a new laptop for adobe creative suite jobs and because of your review one of my choosen one is Asus Zephyrus G14 and the other one is the Acer Concept D3 Pro (or maybe D5 Pro if Black Friday drops its price). / Will you test them? :) G14's PROs: - small - easy to care - very fast (especially with Ryzen 9) G14's CONs: - small - bad for creative work - bad thermal - loud - not 100% color accurate (with external monitor it would be not a huge waste) Acer Concept PROs: - size 15.6" better for work abroad - full aluminium body - good performance and Quadro cards - Pantone validated monitor 100% color accurate - good thermal Acer Concept CONs: - unknown I think Concept D is better but I would like to know your opinion! Am I right? Thank you ! :)

  30. Corona-san・コロナーさん


    14 giorni fa

    8:26 whoever designed to be like that must be smort

  31. M Flyin

    M Flyin

    15 giorni fa

    Dave - can you suggest which one is better to buy? 1. G14 - Ryzen 9 4900HS - RTX 2060 MaxQ 6GB - 16GB - 1TB - 14’ QHD - 60Hz 2. G14 - Ryzen 7 4800HS - GTX 1660Ti MaxQ 6GB - 16GB - 512GB - 14’ FHD - 120Hz

  32. Benjamin Danilov

    Benjamin Danilov

    15 giorni fa

    Umm isn't there a version that has the Rtx 2060 gpu in it

  33. Shafaq Chowdhury

    Shafaq Chowdhury

    17 giorni fa

    Will definitely buy this if they have a decent webcam,a bezel less display with 3:2 aspect ratio and good response time and no ghosting ,a nvidia RTX 3070 or 3080 and AMD Ryzen 5000 series cpu next year and maybe if possible a more thinner chasis

  34. Youcef Belhacene

    Youcef Belhacene

    18 giorni fa

    hey @dave Lee you may not see this but I was wondering, would plugging the G14 laptop to a 144hz monitor fix the ghosting/response time problem? Also, would I be able to still get 120hz or 144 hz out of the laptop? Thanks a lot!

  35. Labnorex


    18 giorni fa

    What if u connect the ac adapter AND the type c to charge it🤔

  36. The Big Fat Guy on a Bike

    The Big Fat Guy on a Bike

    18 giorni fa

    Will it sufficiently vent heat from behind the keyboard if the lid is closed?

  37. Byron Cos

    Byron Cos

    19 giorni fa

    Hi! I just got mine today. I reade some bad reviews about blue screen. it just hapen to me now. I was reading in blender and I close blender then Blue screen pops up, and restarted itself. How to fix it? I don't want to return it. Otherwise I will do? And How to turn off keyboard lights? Thanks! Happened a second time while typing this.

  38. Matthew M

    Matthew M

    19 giorni fa

    “Max Q” sucks. There is nothing max about them.

  39. C KV

    C KV

    19 giorni fa

    omen 15 i7 2060 vs zephyrus ryzen 7 1650ti?

  40. Scott Foster

    Scott Foster

    19 giorni fa

    Whats the game at 4:41? Thanks!

    • C KV

      C KV

      19 giorni fa


  41. M STYLE


    20 giorni fa

    Great vid , where do you get your sweater >?

  42. HEEMA


    20 giorni fa

    What year and model is this?

  43. Elmo


    20 giorni fa

    *T H I C C B O I*

  44. Sm Tasin

    Sm Tasin

    20 giorni fa

    Does Dave loosens the hinges of the laptop he reviews? Cuz some of them are very tight and he must be really strong to open them using one hand

  45. TheSwiftrain


    21 giorno fa

    decent review but loose the warbbling on about yourself

  46. therealruski guy

    therealruski guy

    21 giorno fa

    All good but 14 inch? Really? 😐

  47. son T

    son T

    22 giorni fa

    Bought this laptop for fusion 360 and it was overkill for my purpose. Fusion 360 never used my GTX 1650 but instead it use the integrated AMD GPU. I'm planning to keep it because it's future proof and the battery life is amazing.

  48. Lewis Roweroberts

    Lewis Roweroberts

    22 giorni fa

    Does anyone elses parents only let you get a mac?

  49. Hareez Syahmi

    Hareez Syahmi

    23 giorni fa

    Got it yesterday and yesss I like it! Just need to buy external webcam tho 😅

  50. michael knight

    michael knight

    24 giorni fa

    no thunderbolt 3 NO BUY!!! it's a fail in my book!!

  51. dont_be _dumb

    dont_be _dumb

    24 giorni fa

    8:48 Don’t you mean the have brought the cold (get it cause it doesn’t get crazy hot, the cpu, get it, get it)

  52. Anurag Alig

    Anurag Alig

    25 giorni fa

    I like that smile u have in this review ;)

  53. lance naive

    lance naive

    25 giorni fa

    Why is it good when the max temp is 100.1C?

  54. Natas Drol

    Natas Drol

    25 giorni fa

    I believe you sold me on getting another gaming laptop. I haven't had one in years due to ugly design and terrible thermals but unless ASUS has another one around the corner, this is it.

  55. H Far

    H Far

    26 giorni fa

    if i got this, would i be able to hook it up to a proper 120hz monitor and play on it?

  56. Justin Barton

    Justin Barton

    26 giorni fa

    I went with the black version. Once you go black, you can never go back! (In correspondence with Dave’s “When you go white, you gotta go bright.”) Credit to @Prashant for coming up with this

  57. FPS Games

    FPS Games

    26 giorni fa

  58. Mir Awais

    Mir Awais

    27 giorni fa

    Any best budget gaming laptop even for graphic designing recommendations please?

  59. Evan Radcliffe

    Evan Radcliffe

    29 giorni fa

    Yooooo. Meme machine. 🤣

  60. Athiyo Chakma

    Athiyo Chakma

    29 giorni fa

    Which is better HP Omen 15 2020 Or Asus Zephyrus G14

  61. Aaron Saju

    Aaron Saju

    Mese fa

    Austin Evans loved the red pcb lol

  62. Justine Von Roy

    Justine Von Roy

    Mese fa

    Hello sir, make a video of best gaming laptop 2020 under $1700

  63. Abitamim Bharmal

    Abitamim Bharmal

    Mese fa

    I wish this was out a few months ago when I bought muh Dell G3 with a shitty 60 hz screen and a 9750h. Undervolted this damn thing over 100 mv and got over 3000 on Cinebench R20 and its still ass.

  64. Deepak Roundal

    Deepak Roundal

    Mese fa

    Asus is a Taiwanese company and the hidden hatred comes out again and again.

  65. MrDark Invaser

    MrDark Invaser

    Mese fa

    Danm he forgot how to edit 😂

  66. Rodalyn Ocs

    Rodalyn Ocs

    Mese fa

    But how many years before I will upgrade on this laptop?

  67. Ankush Venkatesh

    Ankush Venkatesh

    Mese fa

    @Dave you gotta do the new HP Envy(15) with the AMD CPUs!! Looks like the highest end AMD laptop available right now.

  68. Dapper_Dog1


    Mese fa

    3:28 that's where you're wrong bro,memes are a *necessity*

  69. Muntaka Tahmid

    Muntaka Tahmid

    Mese fa

    Dave please bring back animations

  70. tanner !

    tanner !

    Mese fa

    Response time killed it for me. Thank you so much I was moments away from a purchase. (I play FPS games competitively)

  71. Jeremy Moret

    Jeremy Moret

    Mese fa

    Add a webcam ASUS and you would of bought me 💯%

  72. Mindaugas Bertys

    Mindaugas Bertys

    Mese fa

    I'm getting this laptop next week. Really excited!

  73. Egemen Oztas

    Egemen Oztas

    Mese fa

    is there any issue with input latency? I can’t find any specs on that

  74. Arung Bahari

    Arung Bahari

    Mese fa

    wait it's a max q version ? i thought its a mobile version ???

  75. Benedict Stanley

    Benedict Stanley

    Mese fa

    5:20 i love u

  76. 29_Roshan Thomas Mathew

    29_Roshan Thomas Mathew

    Mese fa

    I wish there was a little more screen on the lap

  77. Ssteven playz

    Ssteven playz

    Mese fa

    No ones gonna talk about the abrupt ending

  78. Monish Rajupalepu

    Monish Rajupalepu

    Mese fa

    Guys, I'm planning on buying a budget gaming laptop. Is the Zephyrus G14 worth it? I'm considering the Dell G series as well

  79. rapideye


    Mese fa

    Hey man, in your opinion, what's the most bang-for-your-buck configuration of the G14 for someone who's not really a hardcore gamer?

  80. aravind swami

    aravind swami

    Mese fa

    No webcam? Skip this thing

  81. SOUNDsculptures


    Mese fa

    This is the first review of yours I've seen. Great review, and truly beautiful editing. Edit: And then I saw until the end... lol. Er.

  82. Mr E.

    Mr E.

    Mese fa

    What’s the cost?

    • Mr E.

      Mr E.

      Mese fa

      Oh okay, thanks I’ll probably buy it in the future

    • Leonard H.

      Leonard H.

      Mese fa

      its global-warantee, so I think its really good unlike Microsoft Surface.

    • Leonard H.

      Leonard H.

      Mese fa I just bought one from here and it costs me ~ 1,472 USD (note this is a better version with 2060RTX Max-Q but without fancy backlight)

  83. Haassan1


    Mese fa

    Never bin a big fan of the ergo-lift, dont like that the heat hits the screen, dont like the stability (or lack of), dont like how it scraps the surface when you open it, and I dont like the limit it puts on how far back you can push the screen. Not deal breaker, though.

  84. ABC EFG


    Mese fa

    Nice but why no camera?🙄

  85. Raj Panchal

    Raj Panchal

    Mese fa

    "i don't think that most people need this kinda meme machine " seriously?

  86. Aditya Vanjre

    Aditya Vanjre

    Mese fa

    Hey ... Bro I want a laptop under one lakh rupees .. which one will you recommend for me and I want a very well performance laptop

  87. Wocky Wocky

    Wocky Wocky

    Mese fa

    Which version it is? cuz i can't find just g14, only for 2100$ it's not 1000...

  88. Wocky Wocky

    Wocky Wocky

    Mese fa

    How to buy this in Ukraine...

  89. Lamelesstony123


    Mese fa

    Dave, a lot of people have been experiencing screen flickering with their G14s, myself included. Just google "G14 screen flicker".

  90. Jerome Relayson

    Jerome Relayson

    Mese fa

    This is a fun laptop :)

  91. Brandon King

    Brandon King

    Mese fa

    I’m just trying to replace my 2014 HP laptop, it only runs Windows 7 and it won’t let me upgrade. I just want a laptop that would allow me to game and work.

  92. mucksta


    Mese fa

    Dave please. where can I get your jacket from I've been trying to source it.

  93. GG


    Mese fa

    0:43 haha lol

  94. smoldub


    Mese fa

    i watched this video for like hundred times now

  95. Apause


    Mese fa

    Will this still be viable option in like Feb 2021?

  96. Dorian Hill

    Dorian Hill

    Mese fa

    No space for full sized up/down arrow keys? The right shit key is almost as wide as the spacebar. C'mon guys.

  97. Bobby Low

    Bobby Low

    Mese fa

    They need to add 2 things to this laptop for me. 1. An SD Card Reader 2. A 720p or higher webcam.

  98. jose diaz

    jose diaz

    Mese fa




    Mese fa

    Hey Dave, can you make a video on Asus VivoBook Gaming edition please? I really wanna hear a review from you. It's a budget laptop. I hope you would make a one. Thanks in advance 💙.

  100. Joseph Gan

    Joseph Gan

    Mese fa

    I bought this laptop because of the great reviews but it runs hot, even in regular use. Can't keep my hands on the keyboard when working :(

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