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A REAL Back to School Laptop Guide.

A real video on choosing the best laptop for school.
Top Picks:
Cheapest Good Laptop -
Cheap XPS 15 -
Cheap Surface Laptop -
Other Good ones:
Swift 3 -
Cheap XPS 13 -
Cheap Zenbook -
Cheap Surface Pro -
Nitro 5 -
Lenovo -
Helios 300 -

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  1. Dave Lee

    Dave Lee

    Anno fa

    This video is for the people who can't afford a $4000 gaming laptop for back to school. Thanks for watching!

    • Aditya Hazarika

      Aditya Hazarika

      7 giorni fa

      My 4 years of college fees with staying and food facility is $3600. Im from India btw. I don't need to worry for debt.

    • Albino Shrimp babies

      Albino Shrimp babies

      25 giorni fa

      When are you making one of these for this year?

    • 16 16

      16 16

      Mese fa

      Which surface pro would you recommend. would like to buy one, but dont know which one:

    • Joseph


      2 mesi fa

      You should talk about the battery life more it's very important for students

    • Joseph


      2 mesi fa

      Hey Dave you should have spoken about battery life. That's extremely important for college students

  2. Darky Lucy

    Darky Lucy

    Giorno fa

    haha when i was younger we have bulky tv screns for old statsnoray pc whit windos 95 no i have legion and funny enogh i only have it like 2 years and 8 month and soon i might need a new one couse this new age shitt whit games neding more pcu and higer grafick ewen do it loke the same ether way so strare i think! sorry i am old shcoll! but monny its not a thing i have or own and boght my lenovo legyigion 2gb y520 2 years and 8 month ago for 10000 dollars in swden so shild att lest be hodling the games att medeums for 5 years i think! it did before so sometimes i really wounder how any or all can buy all this stuff goring fourth! i sure can.t sucks

  3. Eoin Parkinson

    Eoin Parkinson

    2 giorni fa

    Lol “student debt”. Thank fuck for Europe. The Irish Government will pay anyone’s full college term if they cannot afford it (if they can its €3k/year).

  4. Timi King foR EveR

    Timi King foR EveR

    2 giorni fa


  5. Vinidhra Venkataraman

    Vinidhra Venkataraman

    3 giorni fa

    Can you do a video on 'Best laptops for graphic designers"

  6. Devin Larimer

    Devin Larimer

    6 giorni fa

    I have the asus vivobook 14 and it’s only $500

  7. Acquire Anything

    Acquire Anything

    10 giorni fa

    Acer - SF314-42-R9YN Acer Swift 3 Thin & Light Laptop, 14" Full HD IPS, AMD Ryzen 7 4700U Octa-Core with Radeon Graphics, 8GB LPDDR4, 512GB NVMe SSD, Wi-Fi 6, Backlit...

  8. Timur Khilyamov

    Timur Khilyamov

    10 giorni fa

    to people who are watching this video in 2020 for whatever reason, another good one is the acer swift 3 with the new ryzen 4700u chip. bit more expensive at around 900 cad, so about 750 usd. has a fast cpu, 8 gigs of ram, 512 gb of storage, and is great for light gaming like minecraft. the screen's not the best and it gives off more of a greenish tint, but it'll last long and it's in my opinion the best laptop at that price range so far. this is just a recommendation for people who need a somewhat budget laptop either as a gift or if you need it for online school. it's not the best but its has the best value. stay safe everyone

  9. Wilfredo Ivan Neira Padilla

    Wilfredo Ivan Neira Padilla

    10 giorni fa

    I don’t think engineering students would just go with a budget laptop that won’t run most of the programs

  10. tarfeef _

    tarfeef _

    13 giorni fa

    Funny how for a dev you said go MacBook pro but my experience was "oh I'm only a dev I'll get a Chromebook" :D I really only needed a terminal and chrome, which is exactly what those offer. With the advent of free cloud resources for students, servers offered by your faculty, free resources for open source, etc. you don't really need to build locally, so you don't need much performance for your personal machine. Then again I'm not a mobile oriented person who needs to emulate phones to test stuff so I didn't have to care about that, but, for example in most CS programs, that's not something most classes would have you doing, but something you might choose to explore yourself.

  11. Hunters s

    Hunters s

    14 giorni fa

    always make sure you buy Intel processor laptop. it got 40% more battery life than AMD

  12. SS United States

    SS United States

    14 giorni fa

    Lucky me I have two laptops, one for gaming and one for everyday work

  13. [GD] Phantasm

    [GD] Phantasm

    15 giorni fa

    where is lenovo ideapad 3?

  14. Dhiyaan Nirmal

    Dhiyaan Nirmal

    16 giorni fa

    I can’t I just N E E D a RTX 3090 and a 240 Hz screen with my Logitech G Pro so I can finally get a 100,000 score on aimlabs Gridshot so that when I take my finals, my mouse be so fast, along with my 240 hz screen allowing me to click Submit within the last 3 seconds.



    18 giorni fa

    The first $300 laptop is far better than the $600 dollar laptop I have now. Just like many, many other laptops that are cheaper and better than mine.

  16. Avatar Chiken

    Avatar Chiken

    18 giorni fa

    I did it boys, i tricked my parents into buying an acer nitro 5

    • ZMB 12 Zeeshan

      ZMB 12 Zeeshan

      4 giorni fa

      Lol New funny haram crap

  17. Watts


    18 giorni fa

    still waiting for the 2020 edition

  18. Annafi Hoq

    Annafi Hoq

    19 giorni fa

    I like everything he makes

  19. Sarvesh Kumar

    Sarvesh Kumar

    19 giorni fa

    Make this video again plzz

  20. your name

    your name

    20 giorni fa

    I checked out the channel and the thumnails are so CLEAN 🧼 i like

  21. Umar Hussain

    Umar Hussain

    20 giorni fa

    I got the 9560 based of this video. Wish I never purchased it, four mobo and a WiFi card replacement and still having issues.

  22. Ato


    22 giorni fa

    Imma set up a gaming pc in class in 2021

  23. Jacob Rivera

    Jacob Rivera

    23 giorni fa

    Look up the huawei mate oil d15 and thank me later

  24. cray boi

    cray boi

    23 giorni fa

    better take the hp pavillion $750 and its a gaming laptop and its nice

  25. Kabyy 19

    Kabyy 19

    24 giorni fa

    Im under a budget of $750 I dont game what laptop should I get I only use my laptop to watch anime and youtube or just browsing the web

  26. Priyaal Rachh

    Priyaal Rachh

    24 giorni fa

    0:18 LinusTech that diss was for you

  27. Albino Shrimp babies

    Albino Shrimp babies

    25 giorni fa

    When are you making one of these for this year?

  28. Gaia


    27 giorni fa

    lol my dad is a tech nerd. Could never trick him into buying me a gaming laptop.

  29. JustJustin 723

    JustJustin 723

    27 giorni fa

    Recommendations: Cheap laptops for zoom and games under $400

  30. Christopher Mungiria

    Christopher Mungiria

    28 giorni fa

    Who thinks Dave does the best review videos??

  31. Skyxerain 123

    Skyxerain 123

    Mese fa

    Need a new one for this year😂

  32. Umar Rafique

    Umar Rafique

    Mese fa

    When your dad is a programmer and is more tech-savvy than you, eliminating any chances of "tricking your parents *Sad Noises

  33. tshrpl


    Mese fa

    hp envy x360 amd ryzen don't think about anything else, you won't regret it. best battery life and very good performance, even better than spectre and xps

  34. Sami Bensi alie

    Sami Bensi alie

    Mese fa

    If u r buying a MacBook, use the Back to school thingy, u get free AirPods and it is cheaper, or use a refurbished MacBook, it is way better and way cheaper than a normal one.

  35. Himank Kanal

    Himank Kanal

    Mese fa

    I'm getting $3000 laptop for AI work at school

  36. Asha Anto

    Asha Anto

    Mese fa

    Acer aspire 7 2020 model?

  37. Alana


    Mese fa

    My MacBook air arrives in 4 days!

    • all ftw

      all ftw

      Mese fa

      @John I mean if your getting a new expensive laptop why not tell people 😆. hha. Jk

    • John


      Mese fa

      Nobody asked ✨

  38. Arregas


    Mese fa

    Good thing about being an architecture student is that gaming laptops are the base of our options😁 GS66 coming soon🙌

  39. Himanshu Tripathi

    Himanshu Tripathi

    Mese fa

    Brother what about lap for ML

  40. Fluffery


    Mese fa

    me uses Linux school: blacklists Linux me: fuck this shit

  41. Julián Méndez

    Julián Méndez

    Mese fa

    Is there any good option that *isn't* renewed? A lot of us don't live in the US so we can't exactly send it back easily and it really isn't a good option for us.

  42. hamza Edd

    hamza Edd

    Mese fa

    Am getting the xps 9350 in 2020

  43. Nick the ii

    Nick the ii

    Mese fa

    Ah yes, I need RTX 2060 for my Bill Nye streaming in science class

  44. Fatima F

    Fatima F

    Mese fa

    Hi Dave, great video! I was wondering if you could give you’re thoughts on the HP envy x360 13.3 in laptop? Do you think intel ones are better than amd ?



    Mese fa

    I love the thumbnail that shows school is Calling. 😆😆

  46. Ruslan Kim

    Ruslan Kim

    Mese fa

    Am i the only one wondering how dave got green rgb on his surface laptop?

  47. shayaan mannan

    shayaan mannan

    Mese fa

    i will never understand how some people won't even fully provide for their child when they go off for college, like come on it can't put that big a dent in your savings lmao.

  48. xXWillXx - Model Trains, Gaming & More

    xXWillXx - Model Trains, Gaming & More

    Mese fa

    My Pick 5:33.

  49. Tech Time

    Tech Time

    Mese fa


  50. haikyuu edits xxx

    haikyuu edits xxx

    Mese fa

    Dell 9350-1340SLV 13.3 inch laptop

  51. Dave Soria

    Dave Soria

    Mese fa

    I really need a laptop for our Online Class, but we’re poor. Can’t even buy $200+ laptop .. I REALLY WANT TO CONTINUE MY JOURNEY 😢 From Philippines 🇵🇭

    • Dave Soria

      Dave Soria

      Mese fa

      Btw I’m in College Degree, First Year .. BS Information Technology. I really love this course.

    • Dave Soria

      Dave Soria

      Mese fa

      I hope anyone can help me buy a laptop. It’s very okay even if just low specs 😞 Just to cover up and attend video conference .

  52. Michael Lachowskyj

    Michael Lachowskyj

    Mese fa

    Do a 2020 version! So many good updates and new thin-and-lights this year.

  53. Bestest Iguana

    Bestest Iguana

    Mese fa

    Always go with amd they have gone up in performance while staying low in cost and are used in many high end servers and high end gaming rigs

  54. serg


    Mese fa

    My mom got me an nitro 5 gaming laptop

  55. Maryam Imran

    Maryam Imran

    Mese fa

    Ow that we have online school this video was really helpful BTW I really love how he's just surrounded by laptops like the KING

  56. Othmane Basri

    Othmane Basri

    Mese fa

    "Reasonnably low price" : proceeds to show Macbooks

  57. Samy Abbas

    Samy Abbas

    Mese fa


  58. bren cancer

    bren cancer

    Mese fa

    Up for ryzen back to school pandemic edition laptops hehe

  59. Prime


    Mese fa

    Or just use the one from last year

  60. Ashley Simangca Merca

    Ashley Simangca Merca

    2 mesi fa

    Online classes is nearly coming in the Philippines and no surprise that students are lacking with devices and materials that will use to conduct a distance learning approach. Some students are suffering because buying a computer is completely become necessity and that necessities cannot afford. And I am with them.

  61. Aniv Khawaunju

    Aniv Khawaunju

    2 mesi fa

    Just dished out for an xps15 lol . My surface pro 4 was lagging so much. Never get the base model.

  62. SixexzMC


    2 mesi fa

    If u come to Dubai used laptops are super cheap u can get a laptop with core i7 and gtx 1550 for about 300 dollars (not including the people who overprice it(overpriced laptops with the same specs can be 1000 dollars )).

  63. Prasanna


    2 mesi fa

    I am still in school. 😑😐

  64. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach

    2 mesi fa

    Lol I’m here exactly 1 year later: August 24th, 2020

  65. arsh gupta

    arsh gupta

    2 mesi fa

    2020 back to school laptop guide 💻

  66. Kunth Shah

    Kunth Shah

    2 mesi fa

    Can u do more back to school devices for 2020 as schools are starting now

  67. Lee Hong Jin

    Lee Hong Jin

    2 mesi fa

    Carrying a gaming laptop is a pain in the back but I don't have my own desktop gaming rig :/

  68. Joseph


    2 mesi fa

    Most people don't want refurbished laptops they want a long lasting brand new machine

    • Tax-fraud-o-saurus


      Mese fa

      So get a 1000$ laptop

  69. Sadjuicebox


    2 mesi fa

    My school laptop is absolutely trash school videos that help me are blocked and I can’t do anything besides open google docs so I’m getting my own😌

  70. Ege Kahya

    Ege Kahya

    2 mesi fa

    We need a new back to school guide Dave!

  71. milan vermeiren

    milan vermeiren

    2 mesi fa

    2020 version plss

  72. Victor3109


    2 mesi fa

    All the $600 ones are $1200+ in my country.... Before shipping.. Thanks Amazon.

  73. jp saez

    jp saez

    2 mesi fa


  74. Yeet of Da 9 Bruhs

    Yeet of Da 9 Bruhs

    2 mesi fa

    Finally, someone who is sponsored when they should be sponsored and not sponsored when she’s shouldn’t be sponsored.

  75. Young Jesus

    Young Jesus

    2 mesi fa

    i just want a sleek looking device with no possible lag. I hate lag so much. I want to get the XPS 15 because of how sexy the screen looks but the surface pro also looks really damn good. *Someone plz recommend me a good laptop.* I'm majoring in business, I watch anime, I try to play games from time to time like Minecraft Java, GTA IV, and so on. I also hate lag when it comes to normal everyday things like watching anime for me. I also don't want my device freezing on the home screen and not letting me sign in until an hour later. Like what my HP Pavillion x360 i3 8GB RAM laptop does. This laptop is no where near suited for college. Dies too fast too. So I want a long lasting battery as well.

  76. I11umina


    2 mesi fa

    Razer Blade: exists

  77. Arya


    2 mesi fa

    Why not the 2020 version for Acer predator helios 300?

  78. Prince Nain

    Prince Nain

    2 mesi fa

    I managed to trick my parents into getting me a surface book 2. I told them it’s both an ipad and a laptop

  79. Asif Irfan

    Asif Irfan

    2 mesi fa

    How good are Dell Latitude laptops?

  80. Tejas Gupta Music Channel

    Tejas Gupta Music Channel

    2 mesi fa

    I subbed because I liked his voice so much!

  81. Aryan Banyal

    Aryan Banyal

    2 mesi fa

    I am buying the newer version of zenbook 13... It's costing me about 1000 dollars. I am upgrading after 4 years (my graduation) but i am having second thoughts. Should i go for a cheaper model?

  82. Tomer Gadol

    Tomer Gadol

    2 mesi fa

    2020 version please!

  83. Sofia Rivera

    Sofia Rivera

    2 mesi fa

    me: Watching this on my computer which was bought second-handed in 2012 *aggressively takes notes*

    • Clayton Lobo

      Clayton Lobo

      2 mesi fa

      U thought u wouldn't get likes, ah

  84. Samuel Vázquez

    Samuel Vázquez

    2 mesi fa

    They are more expensive in Mexico

  85. Prince Kumar

    Prince Kumar

    2 mesi fa

    Can you make a video on mi notebook 14 (both versions)

  86. Printing Red

    Printing Red

    2 mesi fa

    Is it possible to get an update on this list?

  87. Sufiyan Khan

    Sufiyan Khan

    2 mesi fa


    • Black Knight

      Black Knight

      2 mesi fa

      This meme needs to be stopped

  88. Sagor Ahmad

    Sagor Ahmad

    2 mesi fa

    Participation and win a new CAMERA,Grab your chance to take home the new CAMERA.>>ENTER NOW>>

  89. Bharat Singh

    Bharat Singh

    2 mesi fa

    Please make a 2020 version as we need laptops in 2020....

  90. Janko Hudran

    Janko Hudran

    2 mesi fa

    Hey, Dave, can you please make one for this year please? thank you

  91. Rikesh Patel

    Rikesh Patel

    2 mesi fa

    buy a refurbished 2015 macbook pro, easy.

  92. tabish peerkhan

    tabish peerkhan

    2 mesi fa

    Can you do a video on laptops for architecture students?

  93. Maarten van der Lei

    Maarten van der Lei

    2 mesi fa

    i really need a 2020 edition @Dave Lee

  94. elise kim

    elise kim

    2 mesi fa

    Hi! I am having trouble choosing a laptop for my needs. I would like to learn how to use things like photoshop and video-editing, and a little bit of light gaming, with a good battery life, and good specs.I'll be doing everyday stuff like youtube. Im trying to find things under 1,000 dollars. Would that be to much to ask for such a budget price? If not what do you recommend? If anybody sees this and knows about one, pls say!! Edit: I really don't think that an apple product is suited for me, I like to run Windows. (I am open to anything tho. Btw, I decent graphics card would be nice.)

  95. Vishwas Jadav

    Vishwas Jadav

    2 mesi fa

    Which phone is that in the thumbnail?

  96. Kyla Cj C. Gafate

    Kyla Cj C. Gafate

    2 mesi fa

    Do people really buy laptops on ebay? Geniune question.

    • Tax-fraud-o-saurus


      Mese fa


  97. awittyusername


    2 mesi fa

    I think his favourite this year would be zephyrus g14 Edit:- the cheap one (r5 1650)

  98. AV Roy

    AV Roy

    2 mesi fa

    Omgggg I legit just bought the first one acer aspire 5 yesterday. It's amazing bro, like the specifications for that amount is mindblowing. Lenovo one had the same specifications but was wayy costlier. It's my first laptop btw ~

  99. Ahmed Muthana

    Ahmed Muthana

    2 mesi fa


  100. Callsign Chaos

    Callsign Chaos

    2 mesi fa

    Unrelated, but Is that a pixel 3A in the thumbnail? 🤔 the white frame looks so nice haha. The black bumper on the 4 and 4a look like trash.

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