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Dave Lee

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    If bezzles were a more thin than it will be perfect

  2. Brang Ja

    Brang Ja

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  3. Juan Carlos Gardea A

    Juan Carlos Gardea A

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    It feels like splitting hairs between models now, but a big difference in price. One thing I really liked about the “air” series was its tapered and round edge made it feel really slim and light device, now with the square edge I feel that’s gone. Id say i f you don’t use pencil or keyboard, save a buck. But if you do draw or write, go Pro for the win .... even if older models.

  4. unstable-creature


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    0:33 *BLACKED*

  5. Soap A

    Soap A

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    Damn hope i can get one for my htpc and upgrade that ol’ 1080

  6. lollol 77

    lollol 77

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    This is cheaper than 8 in india....

  7. Nilanjan Dhali

    Nilanjan Dhali

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  8. Fun Zone

    Fun Zone

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    Oh ALLAH Give Me also Million Dollars like this guy. then I buy Expensive things

  9. Yiyang Shui

    Yiyang Shui

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    Dave's performance chart is as great as always, much more straightforward than most others!

  10. 4Heed Indeed

    4Heed Indeed

    17 ore fa

    I'd wait for RDNA 2 personally.

  11. morningstar


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    That gun in the thumbnail looks like a white racist cop shooting an innocent black man.

  12. Haikal


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    Dave please review acer predator helios 300 i5 10gen

  13. Amin Sk

    Amin Sk

    17 ore fa

    CSGO players having 3080 playing at 1024*768 resolution 😅

  14. Tech Bugs

    Tech Bugs

    17 ore fa

    Prize should low

  15. Eric Braden

    Eric Braden

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    500gb is garbage ima be honost

  16. momo kaito

    momo kaito

    17 ore fa

    For when the laptop one?

  17. Astroz


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    That Title was...... CHMA(KISSIES) PERFECTION

  18. Mayank Batra

    Mayank Batra

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    red seems kinda sus

  19. Dylan Cancelliere

    Dylan Cancelliere

    17 ore fa

    "Cyberpunk's going to come out" spoke too soon

  20. Jahred Mario

    Jahred Mario

    17 ore fa

    I hope that NVIDIA release RTX 3070 16GB VRAM and RTX 3080 20GB VRAM.

  21. Jahred Mario

    Jahred Mario

    18 ore fa

    RTX 3070 isn't GDDR6X?

  22. amit verma

    amit verma

    18 ore fa

    So if you were gonna buy a 2080ti, get a 3080. If you were gonna buy a 2070 or 2070 super, get the 3070.

  23. Isaac Shapiro

    Isaac Shapiro

    18 ore fa

    just wait for the RTX 3070ti

  24. Antonius Tio

    Antonius Tio

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    Dave : I think most people picking this thing up are probably doing games and not editing videos Me: Putting RTX 3070 on my wishlist for my 3D rendering work

  25. Brang Ja

    Brang Ja

    18 ore fa

    No one would believe if the news' headline is "Tech reviewer spin 1200$ laptop on finger tip"

  26. Brang Ja

    Brang Ja

    18 ore fa

    after 2:33 i automatically clicked the subscribe button

  27. Apurv Bose

    Apurv Bose

    18 ore fa

    People are going 4k where I am from a time where 1080 was a big deal. Personally it still is, for me

  28. GTX Gamer Ashu

    GTX Gamer Ashu

    18 ore fa

    Why do people care about battery - sucking lights on their laptops? I personally prefer performance and cooling over these things...

  29. Myz Muihhzz

    Myz Muihhzz

    18 ore fa

    if you guys would rether choose iphone 11 pro or iphone 12??

  30. vishrudh


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    Can this run fortnite

  31. Syed Shabab

    Syed Shabab

    18 ore fa

    g-shock...Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well.

  32. Ark Nagusame

    Ark Nagusame

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    I have no clue what he’s talking about but I’m interested

  33. Rick West

    Rick West

    18 ore fa

    Looking forward to buying this in 2030 when it's in stock

  34. DumbKid420


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    I wish I had money

  35. Kenil Sheth

    Kenil Sheth

    18 ore fa

    Pro tip: Pick up a ps5 instead of wasting 500$

  36. Caleb


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    This video didn’t show up in my subscription feed

  37. R Dawg

    R Dawg

    18 ore fa

    who the hell keeps a phone for 4 years LOL

  38. Of The Tower

    Of The Tower

    18 ore fa

    I love Dave. He never flexes on us ,The Average Consumer. He genuinely is always trying to give us the best information and advice as he can.

  39. James Freeman

    James Freeman

    18 ore fa

    No rgb for a 3070 xD... i would expect that from a xx60 not a 70 tf.

  40. Dan PlayzGamez

    Dan PlayzGamez

    18 ore fa

    It’s not the perfect keyboard because it doesn’t have Bluetooth

  41. Guy Carson

    Guy Carson

    18 ore fa

    Cyberpunk 2077 has potato system requirements Dave. It's not 16GB, recommended VRAM is 6GB and minimum is a miniscule 3GB.

  42. dharmesh bochia

    dharmesh bochia

    18 ore fa

    Hello - Thank you for reviewing this - I have surface 2 laptop - using it for more than a year now. I bought xps 13 laptop for my wife. Can you please explain me the difference in screen in both of these laptops. aspect ratio ? I do not have xps in hand yet. But i saw the inspiron which I returned because the screen look too small -

  43. Hicham Gouchida

    Hicham Gouchida

    18 ore fa

    Hello give me the Old RTX2060Super please ☻

  44. ASHWIN J


    18 ore fa

    Nvidia : fraud company nowdays

  45. Fawad Bilgrami

    Fawad Bilgrami

    18 ore fa

    There's no freedom mate.

  46. peerzada mujtaba

    peerzada mujtaba

    18 ore fa

    Why the hell is youtube recommending this

  47. not a memer

    not a memer

    18 ore fa

    the vid would've looked so much better if you made the title 'A new imposter Among us'

  48. Sathu


    18 ore fa

    is that outro cherry blossom by ottom?

  49. King Cheems

    King Cheems

    19 ore fa

    Boycott French Fries.

  50. Om Dudani

    Om Dudani

    19 ore fa

    I am gonna like the video just for the title and thumbnail

  51. Tony Wong

    Tony Wong

    19 ore fa

    I was a loyal Windows Phone user for years but sadly they left me...I thought the OS was the best of the 3 OSs at the time and they easily had the best cameras on a phone for years. It was too bad they charged manufacturers a fee for using windows phone when Android was free...I felt that really hampered them as well as getting into the smartphone game so late.

  52. Ethan Hoselton

    Ethan Hoselton

    19 ore fa

    If you’re not using a Alienware laptop could I have it I could you it for school and editing

  53. OMEN


    19 ore fa

    Can u do a review on Asus tuf a15

  54. Julian Gan

    Julian Gan

    19 ore fa

    Can’t wait for AMD to add some heat to the competition with their RX6000 series within the next 12+ hours.

  55. Faheem


    19 ore fa

    That rose quartz razor blade looks amazing

  56. AJ Aparicio

    AJ Aparicio

    19 ore fa

    how do i plug in the new charging brick??

  57. Frank Glen

    Frank Glen

    19 ore fa

    first youtuber to say "perpendicular"

  58. cyd


    19 ore fa

    Meanwhile, I have 2 GB of vram.

  59. Robert Jeffrey

    Robert Jeffrey

    19 ore fa

    These are currently $300 off at Best Buy, which puts the Ryzen 7 / GTX 1650 version at $800. I just ordered one, which should replace my iPad Pro, tiny chromebook, and giant old gaming laptop!

  60. Chris Pollard

    Chris Pollard

    19 ore fa

    Dave2D: "It's such a good value at $500." Me: "Still seems pricey. I built my whole Ryzen tower for $500 last year." Yeah, yeah, sure, the GTX760 is old ... but it still works fine for Among Us and Planet Coaster. :P It's all relative!

  61. w23857980


    19 ore fa

    Why Apple didn't use glass and metal?

  62. Chill Ray

    Chill Ray

    19 ore fa

    Dat among us gpu thoo

  63. عبدالله الفزاري

    عبدالله الفزاري

    19 ore fa

    There's is a$350 discount on the s20 fe if you have a Samsung phone

  64. Ayush Kumar

    Ayush Kumar

    19 ore fa

    Dave I want to tell you something Cyberpunk 2077 will not come out.

  65. Christian Tan

    Christian Tan

    19 ore fa

    Only clicked on this video cause of the thumbnail lol

  66. Taran Rhodes

    Taran Rhodes

    19 ore fa

    u talking quirks and perks dawg?

  67. mach e

    mach e

    19 ore fa

    I love the minimal look. Maybe 10 years ago I would have wanted something that looked like an alien dropped it out of a spaceship but I'm past that phase.

  68. Everyday Tech

    Everyday Tech

    20 ore fa

    Just looked at the iPhone 12, the 12 looks great and will definitely be buying one and switching from android. But really dont like iPhone 12 pro, since the metal edges use stainless steel it makes the phone looks extremely ostentatious and from a distance it looks like plastic rather than metal and wasn't incorporated well into the iPhone 12 pro in comparison to iPhone 11 pro.



    20 ore fa

    5:51 Dave: It doesn't matter how you spin it My brain: *Dave spinning the card on the table

  70. mohit singh

    mohit singh

    20 ore fa

    I like that hole punch in samsung

  71. Ash Song

    Ash Song

    20 ore fa

    Nice review!

  72. Ravi Gupta

    Ravi Gupta

    20 ore fa

    just a waste

  73. reknown123


    20 ore fa

    Get an Xbox series x for the same price.

  74. reknown123


    20 ore fa

    Nvidia with another disappointment. Nothing new.

    • reknown123


      16 ore fa

      @Richard Gomez 8gb vram. really? "faster than 2080 ti" LOL

    • Richard Gomez

      Richard Gomez

      18 ore fa

      How is this a disappointment?

  75. Victor


    20 ore fa

    No charger, boycott iphone 12. Terrible for the consumer and terrible business practice by Apple.

  76. Alex G

    Alex G

    20 ore fa

    At the moment more interested in what Big Navi can bring, specially in price. But if that disappoints, and playing in 1440p, seems the 3070 could be my spot. Only annoys me those 8gb, that's why I might go for AMD.

  77. Butt is Holy

    Butt is Holy

    20 ore fa

    thank you for this, I have never liked rbg and this was so nice to see man

  78. Xuhan Sun

    Xuhan Sun

    20 ore fa

    Google block the 5g connection in regions where pixels are not officially available, like Switzerland and Hong Kong , which is really annoying. Hope anyone see this post can upvote it and let Google see and fix this issue. support.google.com/pixelphone/thread/78578350?hl=en Or Dave, please, do you have some special channel to have a talk with Google?🤔

  79. Ozzie Alarcon

    Ozzie Alarcon

    20 ore fa

    So what he's saying is that your iPhone's screen could get scratched if you put it in the same pocket with your keys. Wow? Who would've thunk???????????????

  80. Luling Wang

    Luling Wang

    20 ore fa

    5:30 Linus: I felt dat.